Project Description

Zero effort. Countless Choices.

Unique design. Custom size. Exclusive interior.


Zero Energy House & Hotel

Logo Design
Brand Concept
Web & Print Design
Graphics & Illustration
3D Rendering Visualisation

Project by:

A prototype, modular, prefab  and eco-friendly contemporary housing unit that points the way towards a cleaner and green future in infrastructure. Each house is a different, custom built design so that it can fit the needs of every different owner, using only sustainable and efficient procedures and materials. Unobtrusive construction, solar panels for all energy matters, rainwater collection, filtering and distribution make the house a perfect example of a natural habitat in complete coordination with its environment while also saving money, water, time and precious resources. The 0+ project can serve as a primary or summer house on all landscape, and the hotel version as a luxury bungalow designed for Greek islands.


Construction Equipment

Located in Thessaloniki since 1982, the company specialises in selling  and renting construction equipment. Being one of the leading brands in its sector nationwide, it offers a wide range of machinery and tools, as well as a fully organized department of technical support and spare parts. The rebranding process was a bold move that had to respect and reflect the brand’s almost four decade history in its field. Thus, the ground design rules were set by the existing brand logo.

A clean name depiction, with bold and distinctive typography, no separate visual element or logo icons, and a colour palette of yellow and black accents. The subtle graphic detail that represents the iconic diagonals and arrows of the construction sector, makes the name stand out as a brand logo and not as a simple text, while also providing ability to use the initial K letter as a separate icon or profile logo.

Brand Identity
Logo Design & Concept
Stationary & Illustrations
Equipment and Product Design